Meet Me

Hello Gorgeous!

Thanks so much for stopping by my page today. I'm Brittany, a makeup mama encouraging, empowering and inspiring woman of all ages. Currently I'm residing in North East Louisiana. Though, I was born and raised a Texas girl, Louisiana has been home for quiet awhile now.

A Little Back Story...

My love of beauty and style sparked when my dabbling in makeup in my early preteen days, then progressed through my high school years. The plan was I would attend Paul Mitchell; becoming a color specialist, since I was much more interested in messing with my hair at the time...

until I met a boy and basically ran away to my happily ever after, started having babies, got married then the rest is history. I never knew how much I would love my new role as a mama.  I chose to continue to further my skills in makeup while full time mommin', making me a self taught makeup artist after many years of experimentation and practice. 

Now I love combining my passions to be more relatable and inspire women to feel great in their own skin. 


It is my sincere hope that you find some helpful tips/tricks here that inspire you to feel your very best and it becomes a regular online stop for you. 

If your looking good then your feeling good, and if your feeling good your looking good.

Please feel free to drop me line or just say hi if you'd like! I'd love to hear from you!